Femme Fatale notes from a hitwoman

I recently received a series of emails from a lady who wishes to be known only as femme fatale. You may find the following extracts of interest.

hi man

i discovered your website today

i liked your photos specially rebekha with black fur & black sheer stockings, holding a 22 caliber,

i was a hitwoman in the past, i'm retired now, but i like to see women like me


hi again,

i will give u an advice, let your women wear miniskirt, sheer stockings & high heels shoes, men deserve that before they die.

i like when i hide my gun in the top of my stockings, cos no one can see it like that.

tell me what do u think ????



yes u can put them, but becarfull

i don't want problems, i'm retired now but i did lot of thing in the past

to kill a man, a best thing is to wear sexy woman cloths & not pants, usually i wear miniskirt, pantyhose or stockings & high heels pumps,

i killed my victims easily like that



ok man,

i want high resolution of the gun under the black stockings & how the woman get it & kill her man victim

it's a long time that i didn't killed anyone, i miss that

i will think about my retired decision